Site Setup

Who Sets up my Site? Me or You?
Site set up is not the actual installing or configuration of your website. That is included when you sign up with us. What this pertains to is the actual SETTING up your storefront with your products, services and content.
There are two options for site set up.
  • Do it Yourself ---
    • this allows you complete control and the ability to add your products and page content as you see fit. There is NO CHARGE for you to add your own content.
  • Have us do it for you ---
    • this allows you the freedom to continue creating, working or whatever it is you need to do without the hassle of the initial set up of your site. Simply send us your products and all information and we will add it all to your storefront for you. Prices vary depending on how many products you need us to initially add for you. This is a ONE TIME set up fee, depending on the amount of products/pages you need us to do for you.

  • Contact us for pricing.
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